Our founder, Jaden Whissel, grew up in Ontario and lived for several years in a small northern town. While being in high school, he realized that different social groups were wearing different brands, and that was creating a division.

He desired to unite people and create a strong community in which inequality among people will be eliminated. Whissel came up with the name “Unlisted Society” - a society where people are not listed to a social group - and in 2018, the brand was founded.

UNST has no beliefs about who is more or less valued among members of our Society. Our mission is to create a movement that will bring people together regardless of interests and mindsets. We unite people with clothing that is properly sourced and is affordable for everyone. We envision a minimalistic style, making it suitable for everyone.

Starting from 2020, we plant a tree for every order we receive – 1100 trees have been planted to this day. Also, to help our environment, we are using biodegradable bags and recyclable boxes, meaning our packaging is 100% environmentally friendly.


Jaden Whissel (Founder)