We are not just another brand. Our mission is to create a movement that unite the people of the world in goal to be a reminder and symbol of defiance to ever prevalent injustices of today's society.
We have no beliefs about who is more or less valued among members of our Society. These shared cultural beliefs make equal distributions of resources and
power appear natural and fair, supporting its own system of social stratification.
The ideologies and ignorance’s of the past are slowly fading but not without a fight. We shall work together for a fair and just future. 
Too often, brands and other companies hide from having an opinion on matters of injustice and politics. Let us do the opposite.
- For the Society -
Changes we've made this year - 
As of June 2020, all of our clothing is made on demand, meaning there is no to little stock. We keep our world in mind by not having wasted clothing.
Soon all our exclusive items will be completely made in Canada to support the Canadian economy.
By the end of 2020 all our packaging will be 100% recyclable.